Outbound Alerts

Dynamic Reminders Powered by AI
Outbound alerts can be a great cost-saving strategy for any company. This is more than just a simple robo-call; customers can respond to questions or information from the alert, allowing them to dynamically provide changes or updates. You can make a dramatic impact on efficiency and bottom-line savings by implementing an intelligent outbound system with built-in self-service.
Increase efficiency and savings by implementing an intelligent outbound alert system
Update customers without nagging them

Update Customers Without Nagging Them

Figure out the right time to call a customer

Figure out the Right Time to Call a Customer

Prevent unnecessary truck rolls

Prevent Unnecessary Truck Rolls

Anticipate customer needs

Anticipate Customer Needs

How Outbound Alert solutions are being used today


A collections agency needed an outbound application that could represent their numerous healthcare clients, tailor each call respectively, and accept overdue payments. The notification solution that was built for the agency can do all three, and helps secure payments as an important piece of a larger collections plan.


A national jewelry retailer wanted to automate notifications to customers whose jewelry repairs were complete. Using AI, they went a step further: accepting payments for the repair and giving an option to reroute the call to the local store where their repair had taken place, rather than to a corporate call center.


A top regional DISH installer implemented outbound appointment confirmations, that ultimately resulted in savings of over $2 million by reducing unnecessary truck rolls.