Brightree Drives $1.88m in Patient Collections with AI-Powered Virtual Agents

Success by the Numbers

As consumer trends push towards self-service, Brightree partnered with SmartAction to create an AI-powered Virtual Agent to reach more consumers without adding headcount – resulting in more than $4.75M collected from past-due accounts.

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  • Improve collections without adding headcount
  • Activate new self-service channels and capabilities
  • Introduce AI without sacrificing Patient Experience


  • Proactive voice calls to patients to notify and collect on overdue debt
  • Complex transactions such as setting up payment arrangements and extensions


  • $4.75M collected in late stage debt
  • $6.5M collected from agent transfers of inbound and outbound calls
  • 5% of engaged customers complete a successful payment
Brightree is one of North America’s largest healthcare technology providers in the home health and durable medical supply industry.

Handling Revenue Cycle Management for over 2,000 Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers is a massive undertaking for Brightree. As Brightree scaled their operations, they reached maximum capacity for the number of patients they could make contact with on a daily basis. Meanwhile, patients increasingly demanded personalized and easy self-service options to settle their accounts without speaking with a person.


In healthcare, the importance of a human conversation is second to none. Brightree aimed to maximize the quality and frequency of their human conversations by offsetting dialogues better suited for self-service. Brightree sought a partner that would help them introduce Artificial Intelligence to serve their customers in a frictionless manner while prioritizing an exceptional patient experience.


Brightree partnered with SmartAction to design a custom solution based on Brightree and their clients’ business processes – matched with SmartAction’s best practices within the Collections & Payments industry. SmartAction developed a Virtual Assistant to contact thousands of customers per day to remind them of upcoming or overdue payments and allow them a one-stop shop to negotiate or settle their account in natural language – all without the need to engage a live agent. With secure and complete access to Brightree data, each call path is customized for each consumer based on the amount that they owe and the stage of their debt. The solution additionally leaves voicemails for customers and allows them to return missed calls to the Virtual Assistant. Currently, Brightree has over 200 of their DME clients utilizing the Virtual Agent today.

Brightree Drives $1.88m in Patient Collections with AI-Powered Virtual Agents
“With our Virtual Agent, we have been able to provide our clients with cost-effective ways to collect patient-pay receivables without the cost of additional headcount.”

Jennifer Leon
Vice President


From the proactive outreach, Brightree generates $1.88 million per year from payments made directly with the Virtual Agent or indirectly through a Live Agent transfer.

Jennifer Leon
Vice President - Brightree Patient Collections
“Since adding this service to their billing suite of services, many of our clients have recognized ROI’s of 200% or more!”
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