Major Hotel & Casino Operator Eliminates Hold Times with AI-Powered Virtual Agent

Success by the Numbers

Supporting the call volume for dozens of hotels and casinos through one contact center creates a massive scalability challenge, especially if each incoming call needs to be answered by a live agent for routing. One of the largest global hospitality and entertainment companies turned to SmartAction to streamline their front door and routing with an AI-Powered Virtual Agent.

Success rate on
natural language routing
To develop
and deploy
Minutes eliminated
from live agents per year


  • Reduce long hold times
  • Reduce agent misroutes
  • Agent time lost on non-revenue generating activities


  • Intelligent Front Door to route customers to dozens of destinations


  • 95% of customers are routed to the correct destination
  • Reduced misrouted calls leading to a 600,000 minute reduction in Agent Handle Time per year
  • Went live in only 7 weeks
This Global Hospitality brand includes 27 of Las Vegas’ largest hotels and casinos.

As one of the largest casino operators on the strip, a massive amount of call volume is serviced by their central contact center. As web and mobile self-service rates continue to rise, the company expected that call volumes would fall. However, inbound call volume continued to rise and live agents were spending too much time on non-revenue generating calls. This made staffing enormously complex especially when major boxing matches or events could skyrocket short-term demand.


To route customers to the right destination, the company was relying on live agents to answer all incoming calls and transfer customers to the right place – which could be dozens of destinations within the massive organization. Excessive hold times were resulting in a bad customer experience, so the company knew it needed to leverage conversational AI automation to route customers effectively. That said, customer experience was a top priority, so any misrouted call would lead to frustration and potential loss of revenue opportunity.


The company partnered with SmartAction for the development of an AI-Powered Virtual Agent that answers inbound calls with customers with “How Can I Help You?” then routes the customer to the right agent. The organization was eager to move quickly, so SmartAction was able to develop and deploy the solution in only 7 weeks.

Major Hotel & Casino Operator Eliminates Hold Times with AI-Powered Virtual Agent
“We are focused on the blending of technology and agents to determine how we can serve our customers best.”

Senior Vice President
Customer Care


As a result, the virtual agent routes their customers to the right destination at a 95% success rate. Moreover, the implementation of their virtual agent means hold times have been eliminated. Since the virtual agent routes so effectively, the organization has seen a widespread reduction in agent handle time – over 600,000 minutes saved per year.

“We’ve actually seen results north of where we thought they were going to be, so we’re happy with the direction we are going.”Senior Vice PresidentCustomer Care
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