IVA® Data Sheet

Intelligent Voice Automation (IVA®)

With IVA®, we make a phone call effortless. IVA® is a voice self-service platform powered by artificial intelligence and capable of automating many of the requests that live agents handle today. The solution creates an effortless customer experience while reducing operating costs. Do more with voice, do more with IVA®.

Use IVA® to Deliver Value

Conversational: Put “butts in seats” without hiring or staffing up because IVA® can handle requests that live agents are typically needed for, meaning fewer callers on hold and frustrated.

Proactive: Reduce customer effort with more proactive and effective processes, including outbound calls with dynamic capabilities.

ROI: Realize ROI faster because we go live in three months or less. Then, build on it as we enhance and tune the system.

Reimagine: Begin to transform your contact center in preparation for the future of customer service.


Artificial Intelligence

  • Extends beyond traditional IVRs and enhances transition from technology to agent (and vice versa)
  • Deploy applications super-fast – most core functionality, procedures, and grammars are already built

Avg. 70 Days to Go Live

Cloud-Based Platform

  • Minimal IT resources and time commitment
  • Save on expensive equipment and installation fees — because you don’t need them
  • Scale with peak call volumes

$0 Investment

State-of-the-art Speech Recognition

  • Let customers speak conversationally
  • Callers can pause and redirect conversation (“wait,” “hold on,” “can you go back?”) at any time
  • Capture long alphanumeric strings (i.e. serial numbers, VIN, Customer ID, etc.)

20% Better Recognition than the Industry Leading ASR Engine

Conversational Design Using 100% Natural Language

  • Mimic the agent experience at a lower cost
  • Give customer control of their call
  • Use technology to emulate how agents handle processes and calls

>50% Savings

No Fees

  • Benefit from application enhancements, ongoing tuning, 24/7/365 Platinum Support, and maintenance at no additional charge

No End of Life

Integrates with Any Backend System Already in Place

  • Requires significantly less IT effort, only exposing data

Dozens of Pre-built Integrations

Cutting Edge Background Noise Detection

  • Never perpetually repeat, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.”
  • Boost CSAT scores instead of caller frustration

Call Recording on 100% of IVA Calls

  • Access any call that went through IVA® for evaluation or QA purposes
  • Get quarterly analyses on caller engagement, success rates, and common issues with proposed solutions
  • Meet all PCI and HIPAA compliance standards

Unlimited Access to Reporting Portal

Voice Talent with Matching Text-To-Speech

  • Engage callers and maintain personalization

Fully Aligned with Your Brand

Proprietary Voicemail Detection

  • Benefit from industry-leading voicemail detection to leave meaningful, full messages for customers rather than partial messages
  • Allow for callbacks directly to IVA® that perform same task as original outbound call

96% Voicemail Detection

Low Risk, Agile Deployment Approach

  • Run a Pilot solution to examine success and ROI before committing to long term solution
  • Low upfront cost, pay for usage
Standard Pilot as Low as $60,000