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Human-Centric Design, Build, and Operation

Automate more with AI-powered virtual agents.

SmartAction delivers its proprietary conversational AI technology through a dedicated team of CX experts, who guide and shepherd you through the transformation to voice and chat automation for the most human-centric AI experience possible.

SmartAction CX experts closely monitor, tune, and enhance the application over time as part of a never-ending pursuit of perfection, which is why dozens of Fortune 500 customers outsource their customer self-service needs to SmartAction.

All of this is delivered with a nominal one-time setup fee and a predictable usage pricing model.

Stage 1: AI-Readiness Assessment + ROI

SmartAction’s team of CX fanatics takes a consultative approach to guide you through AI transformation, so your business can reap the benefits of virtual agents without sacrificing one ounce of CX, which is the SmartAction brand promise.

Assess your readiness to implement AI-Powered Virtual Agents

The first step in considering customer self-service begins with an AI-Readiness Assessment to identify the simple to complex call types or chats handled by live agents that can and should be automated. SmartAction CX experts study your top call drivers, conversation flows, unique handling rules, and volumes to identify the perfect candidates for AI automation.

The assessment concludes with projected containment rates, call center deflection, reduction in live agent handle time, and expected ROI for each call type, so the scope and savings are in full view prior to any commitment. Most customers see a near immediate ROI.

Stage 2: Implementation

While traditional approaches can take a year to program natural language voice automation capabilities into your IVR, SmartAction can deliver in 6-8 weeks. Here’s why: SmartAction’s core AI ”brain” is a mature platform with over a decade of development. It’s been purpose-built for the contact center with thousands of pre-developed components that span 12 industries and 100+ use cases. This means SmartAction merely customizes pre-built components instead of programming from scratch.

Cloud-based virtual agents integrate seamlessly with your existing contact center technology

SmartAction’s cloud-based virtual agents integrate seamlessly with your existing contact center technology and data repositories - no special hardware or systems are required. This enables you to quickly and easily automate one call type or chat at a time for the lowest risk implementation possible. Your contact center simply routes calls and chats to SmartAction virtual agents, who either complete the conversation or transfer to your live agents with a screen pop of gathered data, so they can pick up where the virtual agent left off.

Our process is to implement in the voice channel first, where the ROI is the greatest, then scale the same solution digitally to chat or text for a seamless omnichannel experience. You’ll be amazed to discover how AI-powered virtual agents actually outperform live agents across dozens of repetitive call types and chats when used in the right way.

Stage 3: Ongoing Services

Once the application goes into production, the SmartAction CX team works closely with you to monitor calls, analyze data, and tune the application over time. For every conversation that isn’t fully contained within automation, there is close inspection to identify why. With the assistance of machine learning, SmartAction’s CX team can identify the most common reasons for live agent transfer and continuously modify the application to improve completion rates until reaching a “perfectly trained” virtual agent experience.

SmartAction CX team continually improves your customer experience

The SmartAction CX team obsesses over every detail of the customer experience within automation, so you don’t have to. They live-and-breathe a process of perpetual improvement in which containment rates and customer experience continue to improve over time.

Your CX team consists of specialists from process to design. There are customer advocates who listen to calls and speak for the customer, success managers who ensure ROI and containment goals are met, conversation flow experts who architect the CX, and much more. SmartAction’s human-centric approach to AI transformation ensures an effortless self-service experience for your customers.


Meet the SmartAction CX Team

Success Stories


  • “We are able to automate a third of our calls into customer care at a fraction of the cost of live agents. The team at SmartAction is very talented. They worked very closely with us to integrate, and provide ongoing support at the highest level.”

  • “SmartAction has been very easy to work with and very responsive. They were effective at ramping up from hundreds of transactions to tens of thousands.”

  • “SmartAction is a great company to work with. They know how to cater to our unique business needs. I would recommend them to any company that is looking to have a partner for self-service deflection (voice bots and chat bots).”

  • “SmartAction will surprise you on capabilities. The sky is the limit with a lot of features.”

  • “We have used their services for close to 5 years and have never experienced any issues. I would highly recommend them.”

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