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The Five Best Practices for a Successful Self-Service Strategy
Download this guide to evaluate, design, and implement transformational self-service in your call center.
Definitive Guide To Call Center Performance: A Performance Model for Intelligent Self-Service

Download this document for guidance on how you can assess the self-service experience your company is providing to customers and identify areas for improvement.

By the year 2020, 85% of customer engagements will be with virtual agents

The contact center is the new competitive battleground as customer experience rises to the forefront. Download the infographic to understand what is driving this momentous shift!

The Nine Best Practices That Are Essential To Your Self-Service Strategy

Customers contact your company in the channel that they perceive will require the least amount of effort from them to get their task completed. But as chatbots and mobile apps shifted to the forefront of the news cycle, companies tended to forget that 80% of consumers still turn to the phone to accomplish their goals. While voice may not be trendy, it could be the key to a successful self-service strategy.

Building a Business Case for IVR

This step-by-step guide walks you through the details of the IVR business case, including how to compare costs and ROI.

The Acronym Handbook

Are you new to the contact center industry, inexperienced in how telephony works, or interested in implementing a contact center solution? Download The Acronym Handbook and get a list of the 50 most commonly used acronyms and their definitions.

The acronym handbook is a tool that will come in handy when speaking with colleagues, partners, and vendors.

What to Look for in an IVR

We guide you through the vendor selection process and outline all the questions you should ask of your team and theirs.

The Cost of Doing Nothing

Think it’s easier to “do nothing” about your poor voice automation? That decision will cost you.

On The Radar–SmartAction

Ken Landoline from Ovum Consulting was intrigued by IVA® and offers this document to give an objective point of view on its capabilities and benefits.

The Voice Does Matter

Choosing a voice for your IVR is not a trivial task. Here’s how to choose the best voice to represent your business in the phone channel.