Roadside Assistance

Self-Service When Customers Need It Most

Take advantage of the leading call center automation for Roadside Assistance. With advanced AI, auto clubs are offering self-service for many of the most common member requests, such as flat tire repair, lockout assistance, and towing. The solution even works with Service Providers to offer Cancellation and ETA updates.

Call Center Automation Provides Self-Service for Customer in Need of Roadside Assistance
AI Allows Call Centers to Meet Customer Self-Service Needs During Peak Times

Meet peak demand during extreme weather days and heavy travel times

Increase Successful Account Authentication Rates

Decrease Cost-Per-Call for roadside service requests

Call Center Automation Reduces Gone-on-Arrival Expenses

Reduce “Gone-on-Arrival” expenses

Automating Customer Self-Service Offers Faster More Accurate Roadside Assistance

Offer faster, more accurate service

GPS Location of Customers for Roadside Assistance Dispatch

Achieve pinpoint location accuracy with GPS capabilities


How Roadside Assistance solutions are being used today

Auto Club

For the largest auto club in North America, AI-powered self-service interacts directly with digital dispatch systems to deploy tow truck drivers to members’ locations without ever involving a live agent. This eliminated queues and long wait times.


The roadside assistance club for dozens of insurance and rental agencies needed an efficient method for assigning service providers to stranded motorists. Intelligent voice automation collects service provider info, passes along motorist data, and provides ETA updates.