AI for the Voice of the Customer
How can you get better if you don’t know how you’ve performed? While surveys can often be tedious for customers and businesses alike, they are integral for obtaining insights and giving customers a voice.
Surveys are integral for obtaining insights and giving customers a voice
Complete surveys at a high rate

Complete Surveys at a High Rate

Collect subjective information

Collect Subjective Information Beyond Yes-or-No Responses

Encourage antidotal information and offer follow up questions

Encourage Anecdotal Information & Offer Follow-Up Questions Based on Prior Answers

Tie survey responses back to specific customer service agents

Tie Survey Responses Back to Specific Customer Service Agents

Conduct useful surveys

Conduct Interesting, Informative, & Useful Surveys

Capture information from abandoned surveys

Capture Information from Abandoned Surveys

How Survey solutions are being used today


A leading survey provider to enterprises implemented an automated survey that can be customized for each of their business clients and capture data from every survey.


A technology installation company contacts customers about the service provided by their technician. The solution recognizes dissatisfied customers and transfers them to live agents for specific attention. This particular innovation led to the company’s service ranking jumping from #18 to #4.