Account Authentication

Secure, Compliant, Effective
Every industry requires customers to identify themselves for security purposes, often at the start of an engagement before allowing any further service. Some processes and requirements are more stringent than others, due to certain compliance standards (e.g. HIPAA). Harnessing the power of AI, you can allow customers to self-serve and authenticate in less time and in a more consistently compliant fashion. In fact, authentication is a perfect task to automate with AI self-service: it is complex but very repetitive.
Customer Self-Service Authentication Automated Using AI
Achieve PCI Compliance

Achieve Compliance

Increase Successful Account Authentication Rates

Increase Successful Authentication Rates

Allow for Redirection

Allow for Redirection (e.g. “Hold on while I find that info”)

Quickly Validate Multiple Pieces of Data

Validate Multiple Pieces of Data Quickly

Match names and personal data

Match Names & Other Personal Data Confidently & Effectively


How Account Authentication solutions are being used today


A top medical supplies company achieves 95% engagement rates and 75% authentication rates with automated authentication. They also opened up 40 additional self-service opportunities by automating the initial authentication.