Transform Your Self-Service with AI

Give Your Customers the Experiences They Deserve

Call Center AI Makes Customer Self-Service in Multiple Channels Possible

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Technology that extends beyond simple solutions to the complex, repetitive tasks that are taking up unnecessary agent time. You can add value to their conversations by adding AI self-service to the customer experience.
Case Study Demonstrating How Call Center AI Facilitates Effortless Customer Self-Service

Everyone wants to know:

How do you orchestrate amazing, effortless experiences for your customers?
With the right mix of technology and humans, you can achieve high customer service marks and boost your bottom line.
We have the technology and the industry expertise to help you find that balance.

Solve Business Issues

SmartAction does more than simply build state-of-the-art self-service applications – we make sure those apps actually address the challenges your business is facing. These challenges can cause a chain reaction throughout your organization, starting with the call center. Our technology can automate complex customer service processes that you may never have thought were capable of being automated.
Call Center AI Allows Companies to Provide Quick Customer Service at Peak Times
Peak Demand
Call Center Automation that Allows Secure Self-Service that is Compliant with Industry Regulations
Secure Self-Service
AI Automation Lets Call Centers Avoid Long Wait Times for Customers
Long Wait Times
AI Lets Companies with Call Centers Reduce High Costs That Come With Live Agents
High Attrition/Training Costs
Call Center AI Represents a Cost Savings for Businesses
Cost Reduction
With Call Center Automation AI is Always Available to Answer Customers
Limited Hours of Operation
Call Center AI as a Service
SmartAction uses a SaaS model, so all solutions are in the cloud:
  • Implement quickly and recognize fast ROI
  • Scale to your needs during peak volumes
  • Apps get better with time thanks to regular updates and enhancements
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