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What we can automate for you

Omnichannel Call Center Automation Allows Customers to Make Credit Inquiries
Omnichannel Call Center Automation Allows Customers to Make Credit Inquiries
Credit Inquiries
Omnichannel Call Center Automation Lets Customers Make Payment Arrangements Without a Human Agent
Payment Arrangements: Credit Cards, Mortgages, and Other Loans
Omnichannel Call Center Automation Provides Account Alerts to Customers
Outbound Account Alerts
Omnichannel Call Center Automation Makes it Easy to Help Customers Avoid Default
Default Prevention

Customers want the flexibility to bank whenever and wherever they want. As technology has driven many banking services online, embrace this shift to the digital by automating basic, repetitive services. Human engagement remains crucial for more trust-based transactions, but you can use artificial intelligence to better prepare customer service reps to deliver high quality service.

Challenges Facing Banking Institutions

  • Customers prefer the discreteness of automation to pay overdue bills
  • Providing customers quick, secure, and easy access to account status information
  • Offering unrestrained access to mortgage servicing tools so clients can make payments or cure defaulted mortgages whenever convenient
  • Presenting customers a secure means to request new credit or credit line increases

Taking a closer look

Omnichannel Call Center Handles Different Financial Services Call Types
Secure Omnichannel Call Center Automation Authenticates Customers


Security is a top priority, as you want to protect the personal and banking information of all your customers. Because customers are often changing channels throughout engagements, secure and efficient call center AI will:

  • Securely authenticate a customer once and allow them to use additional channels without re-authenticating
  • Pass all customer data to agents for quick resolutions
  • Reduce Customer Effort
Omnichannel Call Center Automation is Capable of Securely Automating Credit Inquiries

Credit Inquiries

As consumers become more comfortable paying for living expenses with credit, the demand for consumer credit grows. With call center automation:

  • Expedite the credit application process by automating the pre-screening process
  • Help customers improve their credit score by making requests for credit line increases effortless
  • Shift agent focus from more basic customer inquiries to higher value ones for better overall customer service
  • Securely automate credit inquiries
Customers can Make Payment Arrangements Securely using Omnichannel Call Center AI

Payment Arrangements: Credit Cards, Mortgages, & Other Loans

Web and phone are the only secure channels by which customers can make payments. Take your call center omnichannel with an intelligent IVR to supplement your online payment processor.

  • Give customers options when setting up payment plans to ensure accounts remain in good standing
  • Provide and acquire updated account and billing information on multiple channels
  • Keep conversations brief, easy, and effective
  • Minimize delinquency and the frequency of past due bills
Outbound Account Alerts From An Omnichannel Call Center Keep Customers Informed of Account Activity

Outbound Account Alerts

Overdue bills, fraud, and other risks are bad for your business and your customers. Outbound banking alerts maximize customer satisfaction scores by:

  • Sending outbound payment reminders that can be converted to inbound payment communications
  • Anticipating customer needs so as to automatically contact them when they’re exposed to risk (e.g. overdrafts, missed payments, etc.)
  • Figuring out the most opportune time and channel to contact customers
  • Correctly differentiating between humans and voicemail systems to ensure calls reach the correct people
  • Preventing potential fraud by contacting clients through multiple channels
Omnichannel Call Center AI Works With Customers to Minimize Risk of Default

Default Prevention

There’s no way to minimize the damage resulting from a defaulted loan. With call center AI:

  • Proactively guard against defaults as those with higher risk for missed payments are contacted earlier
  • Prevent late payments by more actively engaging with those whose ACH fail following payment
  • Facilitate on-time payments by taking the first steps towards an omnichannel outreach approach

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