A dose of effortless AI-powered patient experiences.

Healthcare AI & Customer Service Solutions

The Virtual Agent Empowering Healthcare’s Finest

From scheduling check-ups to setting up payment arrangements, healthcare providers and payers looking to automate complex live agent transactions turn to SmartAction. Our AI-powered Virtual Agents are trusted to deliver the industry’s highest self-service rates and patient experience scores.

Proven use cases delivered off the shelf.

Healthcare AI & Customer Service Solutions

Intelligent Front Door

Greet customers, understand intent, and route accordingly.

Healthcare AI & Customer Service Solutions

Appointment Management

Assist patients with new appointments, changes, cancellations, and proactive reminders.

Healthcare AI & Customer Service Solutions

Payments & Collections

Help patients settle their bill and negotiate arrangements through inbound and proactive solutions.

Healthcare AI & Customer Service Solutions

Account & Order Management

Allow patients to update profile information, order supplies, and more.

Learn how J&B Medical reduced Patient Effort by 60% with AI-Powered Virtual Agents

Brightree drives $1.88M in Patient Collections

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Dr Stephen Shaya

CEO, J&B Medical Supply

“SmartAction has been a long-term partner and has allowed us to automate many of our simple to medium complexity calls, freeing up our human resources to focus on more value-added activities.”