Cloud-Based AI-Powered Virtual Agent Automation

“This was probably the easiest implementation of technology that I’ve ever been associated with.”

-VP Operations & Technology, AAA of Western & Central New York
Our Model
Save Clients Money with SmartAction Call Center AI

No CapEx Investment

Outsource all of your voice & chat automation needs via a nominal one-time setup fee and simple, predictable pay-as-you-go pricing.
Quick Implementation with Call Center AI

Go Live in 6-8 Weeks

Team of experts performs light customization to pre-built AI components for a fast & low-risk implementation.
SmartAction Call Center Automation Integrates Painlessly with your Current Systems

Integrate Painlessly

Cloud-based model integrates with every technology on the planet, via webservices or APIs.
Report and Improve with Call Center Automation

Perpetual Improvement

Team of CX experts work for you monitoring and tuning the application until reaching perfection.
5 Easy Steps


After establishing the ROI and creating the business case, SmartAction’s CX team collaborates with your project lead to lay out expectations, goals, and scope. We begin by developing conversation flows for each call type.



Your team is not responsible for any programming, just exposing the APIs or webservices to your customer data. SmartAction’s production engineers customize pre-built applications to your exact business needs.



SmartAction’s QA engineers are experienced in testing the solution exactly how customers are likely to use it. Your team joins in this process to ensure the solution meets the high standards of your CX.



The first customers begin to self-serve using the system. Call data is generated, analyzed, and stored by the SmartAction CX team. The first few weeks will feature extensive tuning based on how the solution performs, and how customers adopt and use it.


Ongoing Tuning

SmartAction’s team of CX experts work as an extension of your team to manage and improve the solution in perpetuity including any ongoing changes you want to the system. They work tirelessly on your behalf to create the most effortless, human-centric CX possible. All of this is included as a service in the per-minute usage.

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