Secure and Efficient Customer Self-Service

What we can automate for you

Call Center AI Securely Authenticates Insurance Members
Call Center AI Makes Automated FAQs Possible Saving Agents Time
Call Center AI Streamlines The Insurance Claim Filing And Status Check Process
Claim Status & Filing
Call Center AI Securely Automates Bill Pay
Bill Pay

Effective use of technology can greatly reduce costs and improve margins, turning your call center from a ‘cost center’ into a ‘revenue generator.’ With such a high volume of engagements entering the center every day, average handle times and hold times are how you measure success, as you aim to deliver effortless experiences for policyholders. Implementing intelligent IVR self-service facilitates better live agent utilization as routine tasks (e.g. bill payments, claim filings, etc.) are reassigned to AI bots. Automation also maximizes security and efficiency.

Challenges Facing Insurance Providers

  • Reducing the quantity of generic, repetitive questions asked in the call center
  • Limited public knowledge regarding the functions of an insurance company
  • Creating informative yet easy-to-understand FAQ’s
  • Personalization and sensitivity in handling serious claims

Taking a closer look

Insurance Customer Journey Automated By Call Center AI
Call Center AI Provides Secure Customer Authentication Across Multiple Channels


Security is a huge concern, as you want to protect the personal information of all your customers. Because customers are often changing channels throughout engagements, secure and efficient call center AI will:

  • Securely authenticate a customer once and allow them to use additional channels without re-authenticating
  • Pass all customer data to agents for quick resolutions
  • Reduce Customer Effort
Call Center AI Automates Frequently Asked Questions to Inform Customers and Free Up Agents


96% of people have difficulty defining basic insurance concepts. While your website can be a good source of information, support channels are preferred by many. Omnichannel self-service:

  • Offers personalized information to policyholders to understand coverage plans and options
  • Answers procedural and informational requests that don’t require brokers
  • Transfers inquiries – and all relevant information collected by the automation – to live agents for human assistance
Call Center AI Allows for Automated Claim Filing and Status Updates

Claim Status & Filing

Turn complex conversations into effortless self-service experiences. Instead of having expensive CSRs file insurance claims, consign those complex yet tedious conversations to an intelligent IVR. Call center AI can:

  • Ask the initial, first-tier questions associated with a claim (e.g. involved parties, incident location, injuries, etc.)
  • Automatically integrate customer-reported claims with your company’s database for processing
  • Reduce agent workload, allowing CSRs to focus on your company’s core competencies
  • Ensure your firm remains economical and cost-effective
Call Center AI Enhances Customer Experience By Automating Bill Pay

Bill Pay

Insurance premiums are often split into monthly payments, i.e. payment plans. Call center automation:

  • Grants payment flexibility (e.g. payment plans, partial payments, setting up recurring payments, etc.)
  • Is PCI Compliant, maximizing the security and privacy of transfers
  • Enhances the customer experience with easy and efficient bill pay

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