Intelligent Front Door

Call Center Automation
There’s nothing that customers dread more than calling a brand only to be greeted by an automated voice instructing them to “Press 1 for A, press 2 for B… press 9 for I.” Initiate low-effort experiences by instead asking, “How may I help you today?”
Call Center Automation Provides an Intelligent Front Door to Greet Customer
Call Center Automation with an Intelligent Front Door Limits Customer Hangups and Zero-Outs

Limit hangups and zero-outs

An Intelligent IVR Provides Better Customer Self-Service with Lower Effort

Lower Customer Effort

Intelligent IVR Asks Intelligent Qualifying Questions to Properly Route Calls

Ask intelligent qualifying questions to ensure proper routes

Enable Additional Customer Self-Service Processes with an Intelligent Front Door

Enable additional self-service processes

How intelligent front door solutions are being used today

Travel & Hospitality

A leading hotel chain introduced an Intelligent Front Door for patrons of one property. The solution was so successful at call deflection and routing accuracy that the chain has expanded it to 11 additional resorts.


A large and fast-growing online retailer deployed an Intelligent Front Door, vastly reducing hold times for its two million members. Because the Front Door is automated, the retailer is also able to offer self-service for a variety of other customer processes.