Securely Accept Payments
Collect payments for your business using a capable and conversational solution. Whether it is inbound or outbound, rest assured that all customer information is secure with our PCI compliant applications. In addition, you can enable payment plans, recurring payment setup, partial payments, and even text reminders.
Customer self service payments with an intelligent IVR
Maintain security and privacy

Maintain Security & Privacy

Collect overdue payments

Collect on Overdue Payments

Correct customer errors

Correct Customer Errors Gracefully

Implement payment plans

Implement Payment Plans

Remedy declined recurring payments

Remedy Declined Recurring Payments

Deliver an effortless payment process

Deliver an Effortless Payment Process

How payment solutions are being used today


A leading retailer needed to reestablish correct payment information for customers whose credit cards had been declined. They introduced outbound calls to those customers to request another card for payment. The company then was able to process the new payment information accordingly.


A top medical supplies company was performing unsuccessful collections calls and needed to increase their success rate. Shortly after collection letters are mailed, an outbound call is made, offering an easy payment process to customers while it is fresh on their minds.


A pest control company was stuck with declined credit cards for recurring payments. They introduced a payment solution to request a new payment option. While on the phone, customers can opt to pay outstanding balances in real-time or to make a payment for the entire year.