Data Sheet

Intelligent Voice Automation (IVA®)

SmartAction takes the dull, frustrating call center Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and makes it productive again with the use of 100% Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. The system allows users to easily complete many complex, but repeatable, customer service requests that would normally be handled by a live agent.

Data Sheet: Intelligent Voice Automation

Use IVA® to Deliver Value

  • Conversational: Put “butts in seats” without hiring or staffing up because IVA® can handle requests that live agents are typically needed for, meaning fewer callers on hold and frustrated.

  • Proactive: Reduce customer effort with more proactive and effective processes, including outbound calls with dynamic capabilities.

  • ROI: Realize ROI faster because we go live in three months or less. Then, build on it as we enhance and tune the system.

  • Reimagine: Begin to transform your contact center in preparation for the future of customer service.

IVA® Features




Artificial Intelligence

  • Extends beyond traditional IVRs and enhances transition from technology to agent (and vice versa)

  • Deploy applications super-fast – most core functionality, procedures, and grammars are already built

  • Automate complex calls you never thought possible

Average 70 Days to Go Live

Cloud-Based Platform

  • Minimal IT resources and time commitment

  • Save on expensive equipment and installation fees — because you don’t need them

  • Scale with peak call volumes

$0 Investment


  • Once configured in voice, deploy any combination of SMS text, web chat, Facebook Messenger, or Skype

  • Avoid disparate implementations and create seamless experiences

1 Build, Multiple Deployments

State-of-the-Art Speech Recognition

  • Let customers speak conversationally

  • Callers can pause and redirect conversation (“wait,” “hold on,” “can you go back?”) at any time

  • Capture long alphanumeric strings (i.e. serial numbers, VIN, Customer ID, etc.)

20% Better Recognition than the Industry-Leading ASR Engine

Conversational Design Using 100% Natural Language

  • Mimic the agent experience at a lower cost

  • Give customer control of their call

  • Use technology to emulate how agents handle processes and calls

>80% Savings Over Live Agents

No Fees

  • Benefit from application enhancements, ongoing tuning, 24/7/365 Platinum Support, and maintenance at no additional charge

No End of Life

Integrates with Any Backend System Already in Place

  • Requires significantly less IT effort

  • Double your return on your web services investment with no incremental effort

Dozens of Pre-built Integrations

Cutting Edge Background Noise Detection

  • Never perpetually repeat, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.”

  • Boost CSAT scores instead of caller frustration


Call Recording on 100% of IVA® Calls

  • Access any call that went through IVA® for evaluation or QA purposes

  • Get quarterly analyses on caller engagement, success rates, and common issues with proposed solutions

  • Meet all PCI and HIPAA compliance standards

Unlimited Access to Reporting Portal

Voice Talent with Matching Text-To-Speech

  • Quick, easy, and FREE changes to conversation flow with TTS

  • Use voice talent for an even more engaging call experience

Fully Aligned with Your Brand

Proprietary Voicemail Detection

  • Benefit from industry-leading voicemail detection that accurately recognizes when to converse with live customers vs. when to leave a message

  • Allow for callbacks directly to IVA® that perform same task as original outbound call

96% Voicemail Detection

Agile Deployment Approach

  • Run a Pilot solution to examine success and ROI before committing to long term solution

  • Low upfront cost, pay for usage

Low Risk Pilots