Give Customers Convenience and They’ll Give You Loyalty

What we can automate for you

Customer Self-Service Retail Order Placement
Order Placement
Customer Self-Service Order Status Updates or Cancellations
Order Status or Cancellation
Customer Self-Service Order Return Processing
Returns Processing
Customer Self-Service Delivery Confirmations
Delivery Confirmations
Customer Self-Service Retail Payment Arrangements
Payment Arrangements

Technology not only connects the marketplace but also presents an opportunity for retail brands to differentiate their customer service offering. Convenience is king: speed and cognitive ease have emerged as the keys to new customer creation and customer loyalty. With call center solutions powered by artificial intelligence, your customers will experience personalized and unique services while your brand will benefit from increased loyalty and reduced operating costs.

Challenges Facing Retailers

  • Maximizing efficiency of the sales channel: connecting customers to live agents as soon as possible
  • Allowing customers fast and easy exchanges and returns, complete with complex fraud prevention processes
  • Providing customers 24-hour access to order status/return updates
  • Remaining competitive in the market by focusing on customer service differentiation
  • Managing expensive infrastructure
  • PCI compliance for credit card capture

Taking a closer look

Retail Industry Customer Self Service Journey
Customer Self-Service for Placing Complex Orders

Order Placement

Complex orders involving products with various sizes, features, special pricing, etc. have always required expensive agents. With AI bots:

  • Customers place complex orders through self-service, even if your brand prefers upsells be done by live representatives
  • Data capture and screen pops make agents’ jobs easier
  • Customer experience is streamlined
Customer Self-Service for Order Status Updates and Cancellations

Order Status/Cancellation

Order status, also known as WISMO (“where is my order”), is one of the most common customer inquiries. Automate and:

  • Offer customer self-service for these high volume, process-driven requests
  • Provide customers with personalized and easy experiences
  • Simplify the order status process with predictive prompts and shipper integrations
Process Returns Easily with Intelligent Customer Self-Service

Return Processing

Buyer’s regret – we’ve all experienced it: as the satisfaction of an impulsive purchase wears off, guilt and remorse settle in. When processing returns, intelligent self-service can:

  • Offer consumers efficient and hassle-free options for returns
  • Enable a painless fix for the consumer without sacrificing some of the perks of a CSR
  • Still attempt to save sales (akin to live agents)
  • Issue return authorization numbers to expedite the return process
Let Customers Self-Serve with an Intelligent IVR for Delivery and Shipping Updates

Delivery & Shipping Information

After placing an order, consumers appreciate updates regarding their package. Use automation to:

  • Notify customers when an order ships, its tracking information, and its ETA in real time
  • Perform this outreach at a fraction of current costs while minimizing customer effort
  • Allow your agents to focus on more important customer inquiries
Implement and Process Payment Plans Using Customer Self-Service

Payment Arrangements

PCI Compliance is a key in establishing trust in your brand’s security protocol. Call center automation from a PCI Certified vendor:

  • Improves compliance by taking payments through voice self-service rather than other unsecure channels
  • Offers smoother and faster transactions, whether they are one-time payments or payment plans, by recalling customer data and past behavior

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