Automated and Intelligent Scheduling
Provide customers with an intelligent virtual agent for scheduling and rescheduling appointments, deliveries, nurse visits, and more. Customers can feel comfortable using such conversational language as, “Friday, early AM,” to specify availability because the solution utilizes Natural Language Processing throughout the entire call.
Personalize Appointments

Personalize Appointments

Reschedule appointments

Reschedule Missed or Conflicting Appointments

Integrate with backend scheduling systems

Integrate with Backend Scheduling Systems

Collect important customer information

Collect Important Customer Information & Use it Correctly

Make appointments without a human agent

Make Business-Specific Appointments Without the Use of a Human Agent


How Scheduling solutions are being used today


A storage container service initiated reminder calls to obtain complex logistical information from customers prior to arriving on-site. The application asked specific questions about the drop-off location (driveway size, overhanging trees, street width). Sophisticated Natural Language Processing facilitated smooth delivery of the customer’s storage container, saving money on live agents and unprepared container delivery.


A large shipping company that makes deliveries for multinational retailers implemented an application that schedules home deliveries accurately and effectively. With seamless integration to the shipping scheduling system, customers find their ideal time for delivery using the scheduling solution.