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What we can automate for you

Omnichannel Call Centers Let Customers Schedule Service Appointments on Numerous Channels
Schedule Service Requests
Omnichannel Call Centers Send Outbound Appointment Notifications for Efficient Service
Outbound Appointment Confirmations
Omnichannel Call Centers Automate Outbound ETA Updates for Customers
ETA Updates
Omnichannel Call Centers Automate Surveys to Gather Customer Feedback

The Service industry runs the economy. Employing more than four of every five persons in the workforce, its wide breadth encompasses B2B as well as B2C services. Customer service is a vital point of differentiation and source of customer loyalty. Automate complex processes with conversational virtual agents that customers will expect and use, and reduce demand for live agents, allowing them to focus instead on delivering exceptional, human service during moments of truth.

Challenges in Service

  • High variable costs in a labor-intensive business
  • Long queues for service requests in costly customer contact centers
  • High rescheduling costs due to truck rolls when customers miss appointments
  • Inability to properly follow-up with customers for provided services
  • Live agents are only available during certain work hours
  • Poor coordination and/or integration of systems leading to hiccups when delivering seamless service

Taking a closer look

Customer Journey Facilitated By Service Provider With Omnichannel Call Center Capabilities
Omnichannel Call Centers Allow Customers to Schedule Service Requests in Multiple Channels

Schedule Service Requests

Scheduling is often the most time-consuming part of an entire service transaction. With call center AI, cut out expensive back-and-forth with agents.

  • Omnichannel call centers enable options to request services on numerous convenient channels (e.g. SMS texts, online chat, phone, etc.)
  • Automatic integration of appointments into the scheduling system prevents overbookings
  • Natural Language Understanding by AI bot makes scheduling appointments effortless
Omnichannel Call Center Confirms Appointments With Customers

Outbound Appointment Confirmations

The effects of missed service appointments impact the entire supply chain. With intelligent IVR:

  • Confirm client availability and eliminate costly “not-at-home” truck rolls
  • Reduce customer effort by allowing for dynamic changes to appointments on outbound reminders
  • Integrate other channels to improve messaging effectiveness
  • Conversational AI encourages easy, effective communication
Omnichannel Call Center Gives ETA Updates to Customers

ETA Updates

Communication with your customers is key to keeping them informed and satisfied. Make sure they know where your technicians are, especially if they’ve been given wide time windows in which to wait. Preempt inbound inquiries with AI Bots that:

  • Send outbound ETA updates to customers when service people are en route to their location
  • Utilize omnichannel to ensure customers receive ETA notification in preferred way
  • Can maintain conversation when responded to, improving customer experience with your brand
Omnichannel Call Center Surveys Customers for Feedback on Services


Surveys provide a window into customer perception. Without feedback, you cannot improve. With AI-based surveys:

  • Improve finish rates with industry best practices and proven success
  • Offer omnichannel options for completion
  • Better understand customer satisfaction and experience
  • Save on costs, as conversational design rivals agents and allows you to allocate them elsewhere

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