Reduce Headache, Minimize Consumer Effort with Automation

What we can automate for you

AI Bots Automate the Utilities Billing Process
AI Bots Automate Utilities Management
Starting, Stopping, Suspending, and Transferring Services
Customers Can Report Utility Outages Using AI Bots Freeing Up Human Agents
Outage Reporting
AI Bots Send Appointment Reminders to Customers to Ensure Efficient Service
Appointment Reminders
AI Bots Automate Payment Reminders and Utilities Disconnect Notices
Payment Reminders & Disconnect Notices

Deregulation, cost pressures, changing customer expectations… Utility providers can’t rely on low service costs alone to stay ahead of competition. Implementing call center AI can significantly improve the cost-efficiency of your company by shifting repetitive yet complex tasks from CSRs to AI Bots. In this way, agents can focus on more sophisticated requests while clients enjoy seamless service, creating the loyalty your company strives to establish.

Challenges Facing Utility Providers

  • Customers seek 24/7 access to their account status and other important information
  • Providing an easy and convenient way for customers to start, stop, suspend, and transfer service
  • Providing an effortless means of communicating with your company, especially to report and receive updates about power outages
  • Working out payment arrangements
  • Timely notification to customers regarding upcoming or overdue payments
  • Alerting customers of impending service disconnections, as required by law

Taking a closer look

Utilities Customer Journey Employs AI Bots To Let Customers Serve Themselves
AI Bots Make it Fast and Easy for Customers to Manage Utility Bills


Automation streamlines the billing process by giving customers easy access to invoices. Turning these tasks over to AI Bots:

  • Improves customer access to account information, e.g. payable balance, due dates, payment history, etc.
  • Facilitates the update of contact information
  • Gives customers 24/7 access to their accounts
  • Provides quick, easy, and secure bill pay
  • Allows agents to handle “moments of truth”
AI Bots Offer Customers an Easy Way to Manage Utility Services

Starting, Stopping, Suspending, & Transferring Services

According to the US Census, the average American will move approximately 11.4 times in their lifetime. Manage this challenge and keep customers loyal with an AI-based self-service option that:

  • Automates address capture, switches payment dates, outlines specific service offerings, etc.
  • Relieves headaches associated with relocating services
  • Offers clients an easy means to transfer or cancel services
AI Bots Handle Peak Calls as Customers Report Utility Outages

Outage Reporting

Outages affect nearly 20 million people in the US and they generally elicit similar reactions: a barrage of calls. Combat this with an automated outbound solution that:

  • Updates customers of the disrupted service and predicted duration of downtime
  • Gives users peace of mind by letting them voice their concerns
  • Allows manpower to be redirected towards resolving the situation
AI Bots Remind Customers Of Scheduled Appointments Ensuring Efficient Service

Appointment Reminders

Truck rolls are costly. It is important to reduce the probability of a no-show by offering customers appointment reminders with call center automation. In this way:

  • Ensure clients are home and ready to meet with field technicians
  • Enable speedier service calls with fewer delays
  • Let clients reschedule service conflicts on the same outbound call or text conversation
AI Bots Send Payment Reminders and Disconnect Notices to Help Customers Manage Bills

Payment Reminders & Disconnect Notices

Even the most meticulous customers miss payments when life gets hectic. With call center AI:

  • Enhance the customer experience with friendly payment reminders
  • Maintain a constant revenue stream by preventing service interruptions
  • Comply with state policies requiring consumer notification of service termination
  • Open up valuable CSR time that had been expended on communicating the same termination reminder

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