Why SmartAction?

#1 AI-powered Virtual Agent for Contact Centers
Omni-bot Intelligent Self-Service
SmartAction’s cloud-based virtual agents automate the conversations live agents handle today over voice, chat, and text. We integrate with every IVR and contact center platform using natural language understanding to automate repetitive call types and chats, gather data before passing to a live agent, and handle outbound calls and texts.
Conversational AI Solution

SmartAction’s virtual agents provide the “perfectly trained” agent experience.

What started as an Artificial Intelligence company in 2002, SmartAction has decades of experience in AI, machine learning, and natural language understanding to mimic live agent behavior. SmartAction’s proprietary “AI brain” has the most advanced cognitive abilities in the contact center industry with templates for every industry and thousands of pre-built components that support automated self-service across hundreds of call types and chats. That’s why dozens of Fortune 500 customers turn to SmartAction to automate conversations beyond the capabilities of their IVR-- no matter how much time and professional services are spent configuring them.

Automation Made Easy

SmartAction makes it easier than anyone to bring AI automation to the contact center. By leveraging SmartAction’s Automation as a Service model, contact centers can outsource all of their voice and chat automation needs by simply routing calls/chats to SmartAction virtual agents who either complete the call or transfer to your live agents for the finishing touch. SmartAction’s subscription service is bundled with a full suite of benefits and services including a team of Customer Experience (CX) experts who guide customers through the transformation to automation that puts the CX above all. After customizing pre-built components for a fast 6-8 week implementation, SmartAction’s team of CX experts live-and-breathe a process of perpetual improvement by working closely with you to perfect and tune the application over time for the most human-centric AI-experience possible.

SmartAction makes automating conversations easy
  • Nominal one-time setup fee
  • Predictable usage pricing model that includes all benefits and services
  • Customization of the application specific to your needs
  • Dedicated team of CX experts for ongoing tuning of application
  • Ongoing feature enhancements
  • Platinum Level Support
  • Process improvement consultation
  • Regular weekly meetings and quarterly reviews

SmartAction’s cloud-based model integrates with literally any contact center technology and gives you the flexibility to automate one call type or chat at a time, so you don’t need to worry about replacing or upgrading existing systems. It’s that simple. In 6-8 weeks, you will be automating calls and chats you never thought possible while giving your customers the natural language experience they expect within our human-centric design.

How We Integrate
Why SmartAction
Go Omnichannel with SmartAction’s Omni-bot™

SmartAction offers best-in-class voice automation that scales the same experience seamlessly to chat and text. While some organizations attempt do-it-yourself automation with chatbots, they are unable to scale the same experience to voice, where over half of engagements occur. The SmartAction Omni-bot™ automates over voice then scales digitally, so you can deliver conversational self-service to your customers in every channel – voice, chat, text, Skype, Messenger.

Our Clients and Capabilities
  • Natural language front door for the largest Vegas hospitality chain, replacing touchtone or single-word command menus to easily route calls to one of 80 departments
  • Roadside assistance for AAA clubs
  • Billing and rewards management for Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Recalls and service appointments for Hyundai
  • Order management for Office Depot
  • Food orders for the largest global pizza chain
  • Complex HIPAA-compliant patient authentication for J&B Medical
  • Scheduling management for Penske
  • Order management and membership services for TechStyle Fashion Group
  • Product registration and Tier-1 tech support for Vizio and Electrolux

Success Stories


  • “SmartAction helped improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience. They have delivered on every promise and set a new standard for how we interact with vendors.”

    Cristy Mestre Quintero
    Director of Operations, Trade Support & Services, Royal Caribbean
  • “Our implementations to-date have included taking redundant customer transactions and seamlessly integrating self-service to tend to these customers with greater accuracy and no loss in satisfaction!”

    Paul Flemr
    Director of Operations, GroupO
  • “For many years we avoided IVR platforms due to the extremely high cost to implement. SmartAction’s fee structure is very fair and provides great value.”

    Kris Wong
    AVP Admin Services, Legal & General
  • “SmartAction has been very easy to work with and very responsive. They were also effective at ramping up from [automating] hundreds of transactions to tens of thousands.”

    Product Development & Integration
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